Ghost Pine

TRI 059

These forest types have always been interesting to me. Hot, dry and prone to fire. These forests are full of scorpions and snakes, spikes and brambles. Paradise.

The Ghost Pine, or pinus sabiniana, has allot of interesting traits and considering a warming trend in the climate, they are even more intriguing. They are one of the fastest growing conifers in the region inspite of the harsh terrain they live on. They are well adapted to heat and prolonged drought. Their seeds are also highly nutritious (good to know if you are ever ‘lost’).

While the tree does have high pitch content, it also is known for good structural integrity close to that of Douglas-fir. Its form is not ideal for lumber, but on a small scale the wood can be milled just the same.

As the region gets hotter and drier its possible this species could increase its range. It certainly will become increasingly worth considering as drought resistant tree that can serve many uses.



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