Month: February 2017

Sunny Morning


Sunny morning:
a snake slides through the fence
looking for a prey

Full of silt
the Ganga overflows:
snakes under the waves

Raises its hood
a cobra in water:
algae criss-cross

Searching reason
in the labyrinthine pattern:
snakes in courtyard

Avoids searching
mushroom in the crowded green-
snake on the fence

Searches thorn apples
to propitiate lingam:
snake in sanctum

A snake’s tail
coils round a sweet
in the box

Smells a snake
in the wet grass-
her smile

Rises with tickles
between the thighs
the dream-serpent

A yellow snake
slithers on the grass-
dewy trail of love

Climbing high through
rough pathway and stony cold
a green snake

A snake’s dead skin
near the fence:
she stands unmoving

R.K. Singh




This is an encouraging sight: a sprouting oak previously dying under a canopy of Douglas-fir and tanoak.  Oregon white oak is known for its ability to sprout following fire or cutting. This is similar to redwoods and tanoak, where dormant buds on the trunk and root collar sprout following disturbance. I think this tree was ‘high-stumped’ like this after its top got knocked out while logging fir. Indeed, this opening was not intended as a ‘restoration’ and was created by pot growers about 10 years ago. But it shows the resilience of the species. Most restoration efforts are focusing on stands where encroachment is still relatively minor and the existing trees can be saved. If we can achieve high sprouting success in stands where the trees are not savable, but still have living root systems, we may be able to strike deeper into encroached woodlands.






I had the fortune of catching a transit of the International Space Station last summer. Even more cool was that I had my 8-year old son with me, and whats cooler than watching a spaceship fly over you with your kid? Here we are on Maple Creek Road east of Maple Creek. It rose from the south horizon and in about 2 minutes was setting on the northern horizon – as is pictured in this photo.