I had the fortune of catching a transit of the International Space Station last summer. Even more cool was that I had my 8-year old son with me, and whats cooler than watching a spaceship fly over you with your kid? Here we are on Maple Creek Road east of Maple Creek. It rose from the south horizon and in about 2 minutes was setting on the northern horizon – as is pictured in this photo.



  1. Getting up into the high country is great for seeing all manner of interesting sky-based objects.

    When I worked for the Forest Service back in 1978, we were “buzzed” by two fighter pilots out of the Klamath Falls base. We could hear them coming, but didn’t know from which direction…then…THERE THEY WERE! They flew really close to the ridgetop. We could feel the heat and see the pilot in the cockpit. And then…..they were gone….. The story goes…they used to train flying under radar through the coastal range. We were probably up near New River/Denny Lone Pine Ridge area. Cedar Creek Drainage.


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