South Fork Trinity River

Bank Full


All of our major (and minor) tributaries were pumping this spring after finally getting a sold normal winter. We may not have had the ideal snow pack, but our coastal ranges did get a fair amount of snow. Will we be lucky enough to get another good winter in 2017?


Lower Grouse Creek

Here are some pictures from lower grouse creek on a rainy day with bad light… Still, it was an opportunity to see Grouse Creek close to flood stage.

For perspective, from the water to the top of the rock bluff in the center of the picture, its close to 200′.

We experienced a good old ‘normal’ winter this year in terms of rain. After several years of erratic rainfall, this winter had more consistent rain all winter, unlike last year where all the rain came in like three isolated storm events. Consistent rain charges the shallow aquifers and thats what gets all the seasonal creeks going – many of which have not seen surface flows for years.