Welcome to Nooks and Crannies II! This is my amateur photo-naturalist blog. I am a forester by trade and have the fortune of getting into many of the seldom seen places on the North Coast. I hope you enjoy what you find here~



  1. Hi, great blog! I’m taking my family to six rivers NF for a few days – staying in a cabin off of HW 36. Would appreciate any recommendations on trails where we could see old growth Doug Fir and mixed conifers. I’m also intrested in birding. We are from Virginia so all of this will be new (at least for the kids).


    1. Thanks, Im gald you enjoyed it. There are many places to see OG DF. Forest Glen and Hell’s Gate are both neat forests, though there were some fires near there recently and I have not been there after the fire. South Fork Mountain is the divide between the Mad River and the South Fork Trinity. USFS Route 1 traverses this ridge, and it is from there that I have gone on many adventures. There were some serious fires along the ridge as well, however there are still many areas where the fires had no effect. In general, private property is posted and it should be fairly obvious – most of the areas on Route 1 are USFS. Another cool place is Ruth Lake, which is not to far off the 36. Have fun on your trip!


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